Mastiffs "von Himmel"

History of Von Himmel

OUR FAMILY – We are located in north Georgia, not far from Atlanta, and are blessed to have our children and grandchildren nearby.  Dogs will always be a part of our lives, whether or not I continue to show.  They’re our friends and companions and enjoy running the woods, splashing through the creek, watching the horses, picking pears from the pear tree and playing with the grandchildren who come to visit.  


HISTORY  –  “Von Himmel” started in 1989 when our family got its first Bernese Mountain Dog, Moses.  Moses was my introduction to showing and was followed shortly by our second Berner, Uli, who introduced me to the ups and downs and pitfalls of breeding and raising and placing puppies.  Berners are a Swiss breed, so I chose the kennel name of “Von Himmel”, meaning “from Heaven”, and kept it for my Mastiffs.  


In 1995, we got our first Mastiff, CH Mastiff Cove TullySu V Himmel.  What a way to start!  TullySu shined in the ring and even took me to Westminster in 1997.  She graced our lives with her awesome presence for over 10 years.  TullySu gave us one glorious litter of puppies, all of which went to loving homes.  A special few like CH Von Himmel’s Blessing, CH Von Himmel’s Samantha Sue, Am. Intl. CH Von Himmel’s Tucker of Altoms, CD, TT, CGC, DD…. also made their marks in the show world without ever giving up their first status as beloved family members.  Those wonderful families and I are still friends today. 


TullySu’s daughter, Bliss, gave us our second litter of Mastiffs in 2001.  Again, puppies were placed where they would be beloved companions.  “Archie”, Von HImmel’s Cupid of Grandeur, the boy I kept from that litter, injured his back while still young and I soon realized that I was witnessing the end of a very short Von Himmel line.  It was then that I started dedicating a lot of my energy to Mastiff rescue, something I continue to do today.


By 2007, I was missing showing and seeing the friends I had made in the Mastiff world and, after doing lots of research, chose Finny from a Canadian breeder, Deb Lacelle.  Finny’s pedigree had so many glorious Mastiffs I remembered from the past that I couldn’t resist.  It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I haven’t looked back.  In Finny, I found my “heart dog.” 

von himmel first dogs

Dedicated to the memory of all the beautiful Von Himmel Mastiff puppies:


Bliss  Tucker   Cassie   Samantha   Hunter   Titan   Burton   Daisy   Maggie   Sarah

Leo   Vienna   Floyd   Archie

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