Mastiffs "von Himmel"

CH Darkling Fly By Night

df vh 7

Learning to be a show pup with Terry Smith.

df vh 4

First thing when she arrived at her new home — finally meet her Daddy who rests beneath the tree.

df vh 6

Meeting strange new friends.  

df vh 13

New BFF at her new home.

df vh 9

Learning that little people are FUN!

df vh 2

First year — practicing picking pears like Daddy  

df vh 10

Thinking deep thoughts.

df vh 14

Even MORE friends!  

df vh 11

What fun is showing if you can’t yank

your handler around a little?

df vh 12

This year, a pro!  

df vh 3

First therapy dog visit to meet a very special guy.

df vh 8

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I’m a new champion!

Gonna get you!!”

df vh 1

“Baby Girl” and yours truly — the best part of any show.

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